At Shima Wasabi, we are as passionate about minimising our impact as we are about maximising flavour. All of our practices are informed by a respect for the incredible environment that helps us to nurture this rare and exceptional plant.

Water Conservation

Our greenhouses collect and store the pristine rainwater of Tasmania’s north for year-round use on the Shima Wasabi crops. We proudly steer clear of town water, dams and other sources of water to sustain our plants.

Land and Natural Environment

In our pursuit of perfection, Shima Wasabi plants are not subjected to high-intensity chemical applications to control pests and disease. Instead, we engage primarily biological controls to create and sustain a natural balance in the greenhouse, allowing our plants to thrive without impacting the natural environment around us.

Plant Lifespan

Shima Wasabi’s harvesting regime allows our plants to be viable producers of leaves, stems and stalks for many years. This long lifespan helps us to reduce the impact of additional resources by extending the time between planting and establishing new crops.

Minimising Waste

We believe in the potential of the whole wasabi plant. Every component – leaves, stems, stalks and flowers – is edible, and every element is harvested at Shima Wasabi. Components that do not meet our highest standards for restaurants are used to make other quality wasabi products, such as pure paste and powder.

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