Beer & Cheese Hamper
Artisan craft beer from North Eastern Tasmania matched with a delicious selection of TasFoods Cheeses. Includes: Pyengana Dairy Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar Meander Valley Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese Tasmanian Food Co Peppercorn Cheddar 23 Stitches Pale Ale Tasman Sea Salt...
Fresh Wasabi Stalks (90g)
Our fresh wasabi stalks are delicious either fresh or pickled, adding crunch and zest to any meal. How to use it: Chop finely like chives or celery and sprinkle through a salad or stir-fry. Or pickle and vinegar and use...
Fresh Wasabi Stem
Cryo-vac packed for maximum freshness, our fresh wasabi stem as a beautiful rising heat that accentuates the flavour of meat, fish and other fresh produce. Wasabi stem is the hottest part of the wasabi plant. How to use it: Grate...
Fresh Wasabi Stem and Medium Grater
A full fresh wasabi stem with a medium sized wasabi grater.
Gin Lovers Hamper
Tasmanian boutique gin with a matching selection of cheeses. Hamper includes: Little Blue Lake Gin 500ml Pyengana Dairy Traditional Cheddar 150g Pyengana Dairy St Columba Blue 150g Meander Valley Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese 300g Meander Valley Dairy Original Chevre 100g...
Medium Wasabi Grater
Shima Wasabi's specialty medium sized wasabi grater will help you achieve the very best flavour and texture for fresh wasabi paste. Grate wasabi in circular motions on the blade. Clean the blade with warm, mild soapy water.
Mini Wasabi Grater
Fresh wasabi requires a specialty grater with non-porous fine teeth different to a microplane blade. This is a vital tool for lovers of fresh wasabi. How to use it: Move wasabi in a circular fashion over the grater to form...
Pure Wasabi Powder
Pure, unadulterated Tasmanian grown freeze dried wasabi stalk and stem powder. How to use it: Add to mayonnaise or mix with water to create a paste to serve alongside meat and fish. Why you’ll love it: A true pantry staple,...
Real Wasabi Paste
Made with real Tasmanian grown Wasabi Japonicia with no added horseradish or mustard, this is pure wasabi paste in its truest form.  Real wasabi paste maintains the natural heat and intensity of wasabi. How to use it: Serve with sushi,...
Standard Wasabi Leaf
Shima Wasabi’s glossy, deep-green, heart-shaped leaves have a slight peppery heat about them, ideal for salads and canapes. How to use it: Toss through a salad or use as a wrap for seafood or meat, Shima Wasabi leaves are a...
The Entertainer’s Hamper
A fine selection of Tasmania’s premium natural produce: Pyengana Dairy Cloth Bound Traditional Cheddar Cheese 150g Meander Valley Dairy Cloth Matured Black Pepper Cheddar 180g Meander Valley Dairy Clotted Cream 100g Meander Valley Dairy Salted Cultured Butter 150g Shima Wasabi...
Ultimate Cheese Platter Hamper
A delicious selection of cheese platter favourites. Hamper Includes: Pyengana Dairy Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar 150g Meander Valley Dairy Persian Fetta 300g Pyengana Dairy St Columba Blue 150g Meander Valley Dairy Black Pepper Cheddar 180g Tasmanian Food Co Pickled Onion...
Ultimate Grazing Table Hamper
This hamper contains everything you will need to create the ultimate grazing platter, including an array of carefully selected premium Tasmanian cheese, delicious chocolate, indulgent creams and other quality Tasmanian products, carefully packed by hand for you to enjoy. Hamper...
Ultimate Wasabi Hamper
The ultimate collection of wasabi products including: Shima Wasabi Fresh Standard Leaves Shima Wasabi Fresh Stalks Shima Wasabi Fresh Stem 30g Shima Wasabi Real Wasabi Paste 20g Meander Valley Dairy Wasabi Spreadable Chevre 100g Tasman's Harvest Wasabi Cherries 220g Shima...
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Wasabi Baby Leaves
These hand-picked baby leaves are miniature versions of our full-sized leaves. With a sharp flavour they are a beautiful addition to any dish. Similiar to our Wasabi Flowers, these baby leaves available only in Winter and early Spring. 35 baby...
Wasabi Flower Stems
Shima Wasabi Flower Stems are suited to raw and cooked applications such as sautéing and stir-frying. As a garnish, they are a great way to add a little colour and a hint of spice to canapes, entrees or mains and...
Wasabi Tasters Hamper
This hamper is the perfect way to get a taste of our Tasmanian wasabi. Three products all showcasing Shima Wasabi in a different and delicious way, with a specialty wasabi grater. Shima Wasabi Fresh Wasabi Stem 30g Mini Grater Meander...
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