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Super chef and long-time

supporter Tetsuya Wakuda examines our wasabi

during filming for a

Japanese documentary

What started as a wild idea between Tasmanian wasabi pioneer Ian Farquhar and cheese maker Jane Bennett has led to one of the most popular and well-known cheese products in the Australian dairy industry.  

So popular in fact Ashgrove Cheese’s Wild Wasabi Cheese is now exported to Japan.

The cheese is a hand-crafted cheddar-style cheese with a firm texture. The flavour is beautifully balanced with a subtle background of Shima Wasabi’s wasabi spice and it partners well with most crackers and anti pasto, melted into mashed potatoes and to accompany sushi.

When Alison Hookey from Tasman’s Harvest first spoke to us about wasabi-infused black cherries we have to admit to being a bit sceptical.

Having now consumed quite a few jars of these incredible black gems we have to admit they’re possibly the most decadent and stunning food we’ve ever eaten!  

The rich black Tasmanian cherries are luscious on their own but the wasabi-infused syrup which accompanies them is out of this world.  

If you spoil yourself with just one food luxury this year, make it Tasman’s Harvest Wasabi Cherries!

Internationally-acclaimed super chef Tetsuya Wakuda has long been a lover of our wasabi and keen supporter of our business and when he decided to create a new wasabi-inspired product, he came calling.

This dijon-style mustard is made from Tasmanian-grown mustard seed with fresh wasabi skilfully blended in.  The result is a rich creamy mustard with the warmth and unique character of real wasabi. We love it on rare seared beef and cold cuts of ham and roast beef.

The product continues to grow in popularity and is now exported to Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and Japan.

Woolworth’s signature brand Gold Tasmanian Wasabi and Angus Beef Sausages are a great way to add something special to your next gourmet bbq.

Launched late in 2013, these new sausages are available from a wide range of Woolworths supermarkets nationally.

Thanks Woollies for bringing authentic wasabi to consumers right around the country - it sure beats the fake wasabi paste in the tubes!

One of our original partners using our authentic wasabi in a gourmet Tasmanian food product, Hill Farm Products have been making their Tasmanian Wasabi Mustard for over six years.  In that time this beautiful mustard has won numerous awards and accolades including Best In Show at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards, and it continues to be one of the company’s most popular products.  

It is a creamy smooth mustard which is sensational with seafood, sushi or prime beef.  It’s also great in homemade hollandaise sauce for that extra wow factor when served with oven-baked Tasmanian ocean trout or Atlantic Salmon.

A must-try mustard from one of Tasmania’s finest food producers, with addiction almost guaranteed !

Hill Farm’s Wasabi Mustard
Wasabi In Action - Some Sensational Products To Try at Home

These products are just a small selection of the many food products around the world featuring our pure fresh wasabi and concentrated  wasabi spice.

We’re currently working with spice merchants and food manufacturers throughout Australia, Asia, North America and Europe developing new products featuring authentic wasabi as an attention-grabbing ingredient, so stay tuned for more exciting releases.  

If you have an existing food product or a great idea in mind for a new product needing some wasabi wow, give us a call or email - we'll be happy

to help if we can.


Wild Wasabi Cheese by Ashgrove Farm Cheese
Tetsuya’s Tasmanian Wasabi Mustard
Wasabi Cherries by Tasman’s Harvest
Tasmanian Wasabi and Angus Beef Sausages

Below are just some of the delicious products manufactured by gourmet food companies around Australia utilising our versatile fresh wasabi and dried wasabi spices as the signature flavour ingredient.  If you thought wasabi was just for sushi then you really need to try some of these…

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