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Concentrated Pure Wasabi Spices for Food Manufacturing
Pure Dried 
Wasabi Leaf

- Marinades

- Cheeses

- Mustards

- Relishes

- Sausages

- Coated Nuts

- Sauces

- Mayonnaise

- Dressings

- Dips

- Chocolate

- Crisps

See our Wasabi In Action page for some of our customers’ success stories

Restaurants Featuring Fresh Wasabi

Shima Wasabi produces concentrated pure wasabi spice powders for the burgeoning snackfood and gourmet manufactured food industry around the world.  

Our concentrated wasabi spice powders are a rarity as they are 100% pure, authentic Japanese wasabi.  Absolutely no horseradish, colours, flavours, preservatives or any other additives are added.  Just pure wasabi grown on our own farm in Tasmania, Australia.

After being grown for two years our wasabi is harvested by hand and snap frozen to capture and lock in the unique flavour and aroma characteristics which set real wasabi apart from its many imitations.  The frozen wasabi is then freeze-dried using state-of-the-art equipment before being milled and packed to each customer’s specifications.

Our wasabi spice powders are used by food manufacturers in Australia, Asia and Europe in an amazing array of foods including:

See our Wasabi In Action page for information about some of these success stories.

If you have an innovative food product in mind give us a call to discuss how we can help you add the wow factor of authentic wasabi to your product!  

Shima Wasabi Pty Ltd

Tasmania, Australia

ABN   30 128 404 777

03 6331 6983

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