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Specialty Graters for Perfect Fresh Wasabi

There are two essential tips to getting the best possible experience from fresh wasabi paste: it has to be made fresh, and it must be grated to just the right texture.

The importance of correct grating can’t be overstated.  The prized flavour and incredible aroma of wasabi is created by ‘tearing apart’ the individual wasabi cells and mixing the ingredients within. This sets off a chemical reaction and after giving the paste a few moments to rest and develop its flavour, WOW!  

To achieve just the right texture, a very fine

grater is needed.  Utensils such as cheese or Nutmeg graters just don’t do the job properly as they are too coarse and ‘slice’ rather than ‘grind and mix’.

Typically the Japanese use specialty graters such as a Samegawa or Oroshigane as these graters ensure the wasabi is prepared to a perfect smooth paste. When grating, the wasabi is held at 45degrees to the surface and grated in a circular motion as this achieves a good balance of grinding and mixing.

To help you enjoy your fresh wasabi and get just the right texture, we offer traditional handmade copper Oroshigane graters from Japan.

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Large $99.00*
Oroshigane Copper Graters

These beautiful Oroshigane graters are made by Japanese craftsmen from copper and nickel, making them extremely versatile and durable.  

The Large grater is a professional Chef’s grater and features razor-sharp fine teeth on one side for wasabi, and coarse on the other for produce such as ginger and daikon.  Size is 240 x 130mm.

The Small grater features fine teeth on one side and is laser-etched with our Shima Wasabi logo on the other. Size is 200 x 105mm.

Both graters come in an attractive white cardboard box and make an ideal gift.

Small $39.00*

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