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…my favourite ingredient is fresh wasabi root from Shima Wasabi Tasmania.  Instead of using commercial wasabi that burns and kills the flavour, this is the real stuff.  You can use much more, and it’s far more fragrant.

- The Age, 27/8/13

Using Fresh Wasabi

Shima Wasabi Pty Ltd

Tasmania, Australia

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Member of Brand Tasmania

Fresh Wasabi and Specialist Graters for Restaurants

Producing premium-quality fresh authentic wasabi for Australia’s restaurant industry is the very heart of our business.  From small beginnings we now supply fresh wasabi weekly to over 60 of Australia’s leading restaurants, with our clientele ranging from boutique eateries to award-winning establishments in all corners of the country.

When we talk about fresh, we mean FRESH.

Every single order is harvested specifically to each customer’s requirements then packed and dispatched on the SAME DAY as harvest.  

All orders are packed in styrofoam boxes with

chill packs and sent via express courier to your door,

so you can start using your wasabi within 24 hours of it being harvested.

For such a rare and exotic product, we think you should expect nothing less.

Copper Oroshigane Graters
Click Here to Buy Our Graters Online and for more Information on Using Wasabi Graters Correctly  
Specialty Wasabi Graters

These beautiful Oroshigane graters are made by Japanese craftsmen from copper and nickel, making them extremely versatile and durable.  

The Large grater is a professional Chef’s grater and features razor-sharp fine teeth on one side for wasabi, and coarse on the other for produce such as ginger and daikon.  Size is 240 x 130mm.

The Small grater features fine teeth on one side and is laser-etched with our Shima Wasabi logo on the other. Size is 200 x 105mm.

Both graters come in an attractive white cardboard box and make an ideal gift.

Fresh Wasabi Leaf Stalks

These hand-picked baby wasabi leaves are miniature versions of our popular full-sized leaves. With a sharp wasabi flavour they are a beautiful addition to any dish. Available as ‘micro’ (approx. 15mm) and ‘standard’ (approx. 30mm) sizes.

Seasonal, with main production Winter and Spring.   

Fresh Baby Wasabi Leaves

Commonly referred to as the ‘root’ of wasabi, our hydroponically-grown premium quality fresh wasabi stems provide an outstanding hot, sweet flavour and aroma when freshly grated. This is real wasabi at its best!

One kg of wasabi stems will provide 75-80 average servings.

Available all year round.  


Wasabi’s glossy, deep-green, heart-shaped leaves are ideal as part of a canape, to accompany sushi, to add a unique flavour to salads and they’re even fantastic woven through mashed potatoes.

Standard size 50mm to 90mm diameter.  Extra Large size 150mm+ diameter.


Available all year round in Standard and XL sizes.  

Fresh Wasabi Leaves

Our popular wasabi flower stems were pioneered by Peter Gilmore at the iconic Quay Restaurant in Sydney and now feature in several of Australia’s most awarded dishes.  

Each stem comprises 6-8 open flowers and several more in bud, with the individual flowers approx. 6mm in diameter. With a mild honey-mustard flavour they are a delicate and stunning accompaniment to any dish!

Seasonal (available only from July to October each year).

Wasabi Flower Stems
Fresh Wasabi Stems (aka the “Root” of Wasabi)

Sliced up like spring onions, these tasty leaf stalks add a wonderful crunch and zing to any salad, stir fry or appetiser.  They are widely used in Japan both fresh and pickled. Their flavour is a little hotter than wasabi leaves, but not volcanic like the stems.

They are trimmed to approx. 225mm long.

Available all year round.