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In case you’re

wondering, the word “Shima” means Island

in Japanese, thus

Shima Wasabi literally translates to Island Wasabi.

Shima Wasabi Pty Ltd

Tasmania, Australia

ABN   30 128 404 777

03 6331 6983

[email protected]



Member of Brand Tasmania

Shima Wasabi…

Shima Wasabi is an innovative boutique food producing company located in northwest Tasmania, Australia.  

All our wasabi products are 100% pure Japanese wasabi (Wasabia japonica) grown on our own farm in the island state of Tasmania - an area world-renowned for its natural beauty and unspoilt wilderness.  

We use rainwater captured on site with a unique hydroponic production system to grow our precious wasabi crops within climate-controlled greenhouses, to produce premium-quality wasabi rivaling the very best produced in Japan.  

Our fresh wasabi is used daily by leading chefs in dozens of Australia’s top restaurants ranging from boutique eateries to award-winning and internationally-acclaimed establishments in all corners of the country.

Shima Wasabi also produces concentrated dried wasabi spices for food manufacturing which are used by customers in Australia, Asia and Europe in an ever-expanding range of food products.

With the launch of our new Pure Wasabi Powder in 2014, Shima Wasabi is one of very few companies worldwide able to offer a 100% pure wasabi product conveniently packaged for home use.  

 Stephen and Karen Welsh accepting

Australian Micro Business of the Year

 award for Shima Wasabi, at the

Telstra Australian Business Awards 2012.  

From Small Beginnings…

The business was founded by Stephen and Karen Welsh in the early 2000s and over the next 15 years they perfected the art of growing premium-quality wasabi at a commercial scale whilst ensuring no adverse impacts on their surrounding natural environment.

In 2016 TasFoods Ltd purchased Shima Wasabi, along with several other leading Tasmanian food companies, and now operates Shima Wasabi as part of the Tasmanian Food Co. Stephen Welsh has stayed on with the business and oversees all daily operations.  

TasFoods Ltd has invested heavily in the business with the development of a new state-of-the-art greenhouse and crop management systems which will more than double production capacities in mid 2017, allowing Shima Wasabi to reach out further to overseas markets with our unique fresh and value-added wasabi products.