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    ……  is one of the world’s rarest and most valuable exotic spices and has been consumed with traditional dishes such as sushi, sashimi and soba noodles for centuries.

This amazing plant is a semi-aquatic herb which evolved along the edges of mountain streams in Japan.  Its need for very specific cold climatic conditions ranks it amongst the world’s most difficult crops to grow.  

At Shima Wasabi we’ve been researching and perfecting the art of growing authentic Japanese wasabi (Wasabia japonica) in Australia for over 12 years and are now the largest producer of fresh wasabi in the Southern Hemisphere.  

We utilise climate-controlled greenhouses and a unique hydroponic production system to produce premium-quality fresh wasabi all year round, which rivals the very best quality wasabi found in Japan.

In the hands of Australia’s leading chefs our fresh wasabi is now used daily in a stunning array of dishes in many of Australia’s leading restaurants.

We also produce concentrated dried wasabi spices for food manufacturers which are used in a range of popular food products throughout Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.

And we have recently launched Australia’s first 100% Pure Wasabi Powder for home use.  Now anyone can have the amazing taste and aroma of pure, authentic wasabi at home all year round!

Shima Wasabi is proudly an Australian-owned and operated company.  All our wasabi products are 100% pure authentic Japanese wasabi, grown on our own farm in the pristine waters and climate of Tasmania.
Wasabi for Food Manufacturing
Fresh Wasabi for Restaurants and Caterers Wasabi for Food Manufacturing
Japanese Wasabi……

Did You Know

Most ‘wasabi’ pastes and powders available in Australia are not real wasabi at all.  

They’re actually made from cheaper horseradish with colours, flavours, preservatives and all sorts of other nice things added trying to imitate the unique flavour of real wasabi.

Don’t let yourself be fooled - horseradish IS NOT real wasabi.

Check the ingredients of what you’re buying and reject it if it’s not 100% authentic wasabi (Wasabia japonica).

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